NEL Dinner service April 20 2024


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1 ticket to the NEL collaboration event dinner. ticket price will be refunded against cost of table after service.

$150 on the day for non wine club members.

$70 for wine pairings (optional)

Starts 6pm

Shuttle tickets sold separately

ticket prices are offset against final price


Tomato marshmallow
Prawn tart, Caviar
Vine Leaves, Smoked salmon
Chicken Toasties, Macadamia
Truffle Hunt
Lamb Kebabs, Riberry

Main courses

Bread - Rye Bread with pork fat
Entree - Native Kingfish, smoked Yogurt
Intermediate - Nannies Roast Potatoes
Main - 14 hr Short rib, Black Garlic, onion,
Dessert - Strawberry, Passage rock sparkling, rhubarb
Petit Four - Passionfruit Bomb