Connoisseur Club membership become a part of our wine culture


Become a member of our Connoisseur club

one or two shipments per year includes 6 reserve wines for Winter and 6 estate wines for Summer, delivered to your door,

Excellent way to get our great range each year $550 per year, and get wines to the value of $660 save over $150

plus you can taste no charge when you visit the winery, get access to an exclusive tour each year post vintage with co founder Winemaker David Evans,

and 15% off Cellar door prices


We invite you to join our Connoisseur Club at Passage Rock
Membership is an annual subscription of $550, for this you will receive of 12  bottles of wine, 7 of our Reserve Wines, 3 of our Reds including 2 Super Classic Reserve Syrah and our consistant Gold medal Cabernet Sauvignon and 2 bottle of our Magnus, and our Reserve Chardonnay and Reserve Viognier plus from our estate range, including our  Waiheke Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris,  Rose,  and 2 reds our Classic Syrah and Sisters.

Other benefits include, Free Tasting of the wines at our Cellar door , and 15% off all purchases at the Cellar door regardless of your volume. free shipping nationwide of your cases of wine.

The Value of this package is over $750 so you save over $200 off our cellar door price on this membership.

We look forward to sending you these lovingly prepared packages and welcoming you to join our wine journey